Who is The Pest Posse? It is you… the pest control service technician and the small to medium-sized pest control business owner.

The idea of The Pest Posse was born when the founder, Culley Christensen, realized that younger pest control professionals were seeking out videos to watch about pest control rather than reading books that were provided to them. He also realized that people have different learning styles as well as that training can be presented in different ways. Being a pest management professional with over 20 years of experience, he knew the pest control industry was a visual industry, so he envisioned providing videos with accurate and timely information on pest control products, techniques, and ultimately ongoing training. In September 2017 Culley launched a weekly video series on YouTube that was dedicated just to pest management professionals. In December 2018, Culley brought onboard his longtime friend in the pest control industry, Foster Brusca. Culley knew that Foster's success, knowledge, and over 25 years of pest control experience would help The Pest Posse grow into what he initially envisioned.

With over 45 years of combined experience in the pest management industry, these two pest management professionals have built The Pest Posse into a trusted resource for training and information for the pest control industry. Their independent views and videos have started to have a reaching effect not only for the pest management professionals in the United States but for other countries as well.

In 2019, with The Pest Posse weekly video series increasing its reach and subscribers, the plug-n-play video-based training system called Pest Posse Academy was launched. This subscription-based training was developed to provide small to medium-sized pest management companies a consistent quality training program. This training system provides different video-based training courses each month so that way companies will have regular ongoing training curriculum. The curriculum keeps the pest management professional performing at their best by delivering courses on safety, pest identification, reading pesticide labels, specific application techniques, and the all-important soft skills that are needed to grow a business and retain customers.

The Pest Posse has brought the dawn of a new way of training and receiving information for the professional pest control industry in the United States and beyond.

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