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I am the proud owner and operator of Horizon Pest Solutions based in New Cambria, Kansas, a small community in Northcentral Kansas. I have been in the pest control industry since 2008, where I was originally certified with a flour milling company in the state of Oklahoma. I have since been certified in general pest and fumigation work for the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri.

The company that I previously worked for had two staff entomologists keep encouraging me to pursue an ACE credential, which is an Associate Certified Entomologist from the Entomological Society of America. At the time I didn’t understand why it would be so important to have an ACE credential.

My day typically starts with a good cup of coffee, gathering my thoughts, and just kind of relaxing. After a few moments of Zen, I will then review what is on my schedule for the day to see which residential or commercial customers I will be servicing that day. Next, I will get in my truck and head over to my warehouse area so that I can load my service truck for the products and the equipment that I need for that day. I always want to be completely prepared for whatever a customer may throw at me for that day because, in the pest control industry, things change so much from day to day. You should always be prepared as much as possible for that customer who may throw you that odd thing that you didn’t know was going on their property.

So, to be prepared as much as possible for all the odd things that might come my way, in 2018, after much encouragement, long hours, and hard studying I received my ACE credential. YEAH!

I never realized how important this credential would be to me. It has gained the respect and trust of my colleagues, customers, friends, and family. Recently I was servicing a residential customer for bedbugs and on the very last follow-up visit for them the husband was telling his wife, “See that’s why we hired her. She knows what’s going on and what to do”. My heart kind of skipped a beat and I got butterflies in my stomach. I tried hard to contain my enthusiasm because I knew that I know what to do in those situations. But finally, a customer had realized that I had earned my keep. And that was one of the most amazing feelings ever. It’s a little like winning the lottery, which I’ve never done.

An ACE credential can help you so much in the pest control industry. The trust and the respect that’s gained from your colleagues, friends, family, and customers is tremendous. I recently went to Oklahoma State University for some termite training and met a manufacturing sales representative, who happened to be a colleague of one of my vendors. He was telling my vendor that that girl, me of all people, really knows her stuff. Well, when that message got back to me, the same thing happened. I had butterflies in my stomach, and I was doing a little happy dance. At that point, I realized that other people are noticing that I have an ACE and that it really does mean something in the pest control industry.

The respect that you can gain from having an ACE will come back to you in ways you cannot imagine. It’s something that I highly recommend you study for and try to achieve. Not just for personal gain, but for the trust of your customers and the respect of your colleagues.

Melisa Arnold is a regular guest blogger for The Pest Posse.

She has a great pest control blog, Pest Control Chatter

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