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Cozy & Casual Doesn’t Work For Me

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Coffee? Yes, please. And with a lot of cream. My fuzzy house slippers carry me out the back door to sit on the deck. As I am getting a glimpse of the fall sun coming up, I am in love with the changing colors on the trees. 

My flannel jammies are keeping me warm and toasty as the breeze slightly blows. 

Oh, who am I kidding? This isn’t a Hallmark Channel movie; it’s time to get up and at ‘em. I’ve got pest control services to do today.

While it is nice to have a relaxing moment to yourself before the craziness of a pest control service day begins, THAT’S ABOUT AS FAR AS THE CHILLING SHOULD GO!


Get Up! Get Dressed! Show Up! There is work to be done. Customers are counting on you…me….US. We’ve all heard this sentence, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” Do you need an explanation for that? Alright.

I am a pest control professional. You are, too. We have a company uniform picked by our employer(or yourself if you are an owner), so we can be the best representation of the company. Hair combed, mostly. A clean shirt tucked into a clean pair of pants. Maybe, a belt. Proper work boots – sometimes safety-toed. Do you need a hairnet, safety glasses, or a hard hat? Sturdy, proper tools had better be in your possession. Good, you are dressed. Pre-trip check that service vehicle, and you are ready to go. You’d better be proud of that rolling billboard, or at least act like it. Customers know when you are faking.

Great each customer as if they are your grandma who always brings you cookies. Today, your responsibility is to listen to the customer, give recommendations, remedy the issue, and learn something. That process doesn’t always require chemical treatment. 


“Clean your truck. Organize your supplies. Keep the necessary equipment handy.” How many times have we heard this from our managers? When you’ve had a tiring day, it sounds like dribble. But take heed, this is important. Without the proper tools, equipment and products, there is no way to service a customer correctly. A daily check of items needed will decrease the likelihood of failing a service. Fail to plan, plan to fail…blah, blah, blah.

I used to get discouraged about why there were so many criteria on how my employer wanted me to dress and act. Over time, it finally soaked in that I represented the company and a representation of myself. I am the technician, the frontline worker, the company representative, the conversation maker the customer gets to know. A customer should be more than a number on a spreadsheet. Don’t be so casual about this wonderful industry. Customers could do it themselves, but they chose you and me.

Melisa Arnold is a regular guest blogger for The Pest Posse.

She has a great pest control blog, Pest Control Chatter

Make sure to check out her blog today.

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