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Value of Continuous Training

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Do you look forward to online training?

Do you engage with the training content and apply it every day?

Online training courses are supposed to make you perform at your best at what you do. We know that continuous training is crucial if you want to remain at the top in the professional pest management industry. The training should not be just when you need continuing education credits to renew your license, yes this is vital, but it should not be the only reason you take online training courses.

So, if you are not training continuously, why is this?

Well, maybe you do not like having a massive amount of text to read.

You know, a text-heavy, graphic-light online training course makes the training look like too much work. Especially if you are busy and feel that you require immediate information, the text becomes monotonous over time, and you may lose connection to the online training course.

Or maybe you view training as a punishment. Perhaps in the past, you were provided training only whenever you have had a shortcoming in your work capabilities or made a mistake at work. Underperformers will sometimes perceive it as a disciplinary action instead of an opportunity to grow. Training should be part of organizational culture, and you should try to understand its value.

Online training should not seem like a mandatory activity but a beneficial resource that you can access anytime.

Maybe you felt that your time was not respected. Training should not force you to rearrange your entire schedule or miss out on personal events, and neither should it eat into your work schedule which can lead to a backlog of service and sales calls. Too much backlog will result in stress, which can make you feel disconnected from the online training experience.

The bottom line is that training is vital for growing and succeeding in the professional pest management industry. The benefits of training are widely known, and it should not be limited to compliance training or continuing education credits.

Just consider this; a typical professional career spans about 30-40 years. But even going 20 years back, the world was a different landscape. For example, Google was founded in 1998, YouTube in 2005, and social media in the mid-2000s.

Now think about the professional pest management industry going back 20 years; a lot has changed not just with the materials that we now use but also the technology. The professional pest management industry is constantly evolving, and you should be prepared to adapt to these ever-changing conditions or be left behind.

Think about it; you cannot service a 2021 customer as you did in 2011, and it would not be realistic to think that you would be able to provide service the same way.

A continuous training program should, and will, ensure that you are always up to date with the latest technological developments and the skills it takes to do your job well now and into the future.

I hope that you now understand the value of continuous training and that this will get you motivated to start your continuous online training today.

If you want an easy way to start your continuous online training, check out the Pest Posse Academy. This training has been developed by two pest management professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in pest control. The goal of this training is to provide you or your company with a continuous training solution that at its core uses video based training and not text or voice over power points. It provides a fun and engaging micro training platform that is not overwhelming because all courses are only about 30 minutes with the individual lessons being 5-10 minutes.

And yes, there are continuing education credits available but remember this should not be your primary focus for continuous training.

Contact The Pest Posse today to learn more about our continuous training solution for you or your company.
Learn more about Pest Posse Academy,  the only continuous online training solution for the professional pest control industry.

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