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Who is The Pest Posse

The Pest Posse

So there have been some misconceptions of who is The Pest Posse and how we select the products we review and the people we interview.

First off, who is The Pest Posse? The Pest Posse has always been about you, the pest control service technician, and the small to medium-sized pest control business owner.

The idea of The Pest Posse was born when the founder, Culley Christensen, realized that younger pest control professionals were seeking out videos to watch about pest control rather than reading books that their company provided to them. He also realized that people have different learning styles, and that training can be presented in different ways. Being a pest management professional with over 20 years of experience, Culley knew the pest control industry was a visual industry, so he envisioned providing videos with accurate and timely information on pest control products, techniques, and ultimately ongoing training. In September 2017, the weekly video series on YouTube was launched that was dedicated just to pest management professionals. In April 2019, the all video-based continuous training solution Pest Posse Academy was released. This continuous training solution provides pest management professionals a way to continually grow their knowledge and skills and provides small-medium-sized companies a true ongoing training solution for their employees.

Okay, so you probably knew the story already of how The Pest Posse was created, but it was essential for us to let you know this again because we believe that some people have forgotten our roots. We were founded on the simple principle, for technicians by technicians available anytime, anyplace. This simple principle has carried us through the years and has successfully enabled The Pest Posse to provided relevant and accurate video-based content for the professional pest control industry.

Now we have had some people make incorrect statements on how we determine which products we will review and which people we will interview for our video-based content and now podcast.

First off, let us set the record straight; we have never asked for a single dime to review a product or have a person interviewed for one of our episodes. Yes, we receive sponsorship money from manufacturers that see the value of having their company represented on our episodes. To add value to the sponsorship opportunities, we provide the opportunity for a representative of the company to be interviewed about their company and products. We do our best to make these interviews special episodes; however, sometimes they have turned into our live streams which have turned out to be very successful.

Pest control manufacturers have started to see the value of our video-based content and have reached out to us to provide us with their product to review. We have never asked these manufacturers to provide us additional compensation for reviewing their products. If they want us to review their product, they know from the start that we are going to offer them our unbiased opinion. If the product is no good and does not perform well, then we will state just that. We have no hidden agenda. We are here to provide pest management professionals and small to medium-sized company’s information on products that they might not be aware of. If a company wants to buy a product that we have reviewed and stated that we believe does not hold up to its claims or is ineffective, they have all the right to do that. Who knows, they might have a different outcome than we did.

As for people that have been interviewed, again, we do not charge to have a person come on an episode. Furthermore, we are here to provide valuable video-based content for pest management professionals. We welcome all people from either the pest control industry or outside of the industry.

Also, lately, we have heard people complaining that our video content is more of an infomercial. Okay, we will own that. Why? Because how else are we going to provide you content on products or services that you may not be aware are available. We do our best to provide a fun and loose-style interview with our guests, but there is only so much you can do with this.

Do you have an idea of how we can make our content better? Then reach out to us, let us know what we can do better. We welcome all opinions and suggestions. Remember we are here for you the pest management professional, so we value your input.

Would you like to be interviewed for a future episode? Then please reach out to us. Let us talk to see what value you can bring.

Let us talk to see what value you can bring.

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