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The Pest Posse

A blog by The Pest Posse? What no way! I hate writing, especially a blog. These are the words from The Pest Posse creator and visionary Culley Christensen and precisely what I was thinking when told that the time has come to start sharing our years of pest control experience and knowledge in a blog. Ugh! This is not going to be easy for us, and according to our website designer, this is a must to get ranked higher on Google, so I guess the man has finally caught up with us.

So, where do we start with a blog? What should we write? Let us begin at the beginning as to why Culley created the Pest Posse.

The idea of The Pest Posse was born when the founder, Culley Christensen, realized that younger pest control professionals were seeking out videos to watch about pest control rather than reading books provided to them. He also realized that people have different learning styles, and that training could be delivered differently.

Being a pest management professional with over 20 years of experience, he knew the pest control industry to be a visual industry, so he envisioned providing videos with accurate and timely information on pest control products, techniques, and ultimately ongoing training. So, in September 2017, Culley launched a weekly video series on YouTube dedicated just to pest management professionals. After a year of managing this task, he contacted me, Foster Brusca, his longtime friend in the pest control industry, and asked if I would join him in his vision of developing The Pest Posse into a trusted resource for pest management professionals. For some crazy reason, I said yes, and in December 2018, I left the pest control company I was with for 23 years to join Culley on his mission. Culley was so excited that I decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge because he knew that I was a well-organized and results-driven workaholic that would help The Pest Posse grow into what he initially envisioned. Not to mention that I have over 25 years of pest control experience.

Since joining The Pest Posse, the YouTube subscribers have increased to 4400, followers on social media have increased, and the video-based continuous training solution, Pest Posse Academy, was launched. So, I guess my workaholic attitude has paid off.

Now I will not be writing blogs all the time. That is right; Culley will step in from time to time to share his random words of wisdom. In addition, once a month, we will have guest blogger Melisa Arnold, owner of Horizon Pest Solutions in New Cambria, Kansas, who has her blog, Tattle Tails – IPM Chatter From The Field, provide some content for The Pest Posse twice-monthly blog. Also, from time to time, we will have other guest bloggers provide us some content.

Well, that was not so bad. Although, I have to say that I enjoyed writing this first blog, NOT! So, until we write again, remember pest control is an adventure and to get out there and enjoy the adventure with The Pet Posse.

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