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The Pest Posse TV Experience is the industry’s only Pest Control Television Newtwork.

Navigating Regulations and Compliance in Pest Control


A continuous, comprehensive, and engaging training solution for pest management professionals.

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Elevate Your Compliance Standards with Our Comprehensive Training Manual

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Training Compliance Manual

A pest control company is required to have written policy and procedures such as spill prevention program, pesticide safety training, respiratory protection program. We have assembled a complete manual that has all of the required written policies and procedures.

Our Client Reviews

Discover what our clients have to say about their experience with The Pest Posse

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With the Pest Posse Academy, I can provide my employees with regular training meetings twice a month with training that is relevant and engaging. Your training is outstanding, and my employees enjoy the quick short lessons that are provided.

Man in red cap and sunglasses smiling in car.

Travis Reynolds

Owner, Star Pest Control
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The Pest Posse has given our staff much needed information regarding pest control trends and has influenced us in our decision making for protocols and product choices.

Man in black shirt with Nature-Cide logo against brick wall.

Gregory Pettis

Owner, Dominion Pest Control
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Great! Very much needed for our industry. In my experience I have found that even among some seasoned techs many don’t know how to perform a proper inspection.

Smiling man in suit with lavender bow tie.

Dominic Foster

Owner, First Select Pest Control
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The Pest Posse is one of the most reliable training providers and they have so much knowledge about pest control products and services. I enjoy The Pest Posse Academy’s continuous training and they provide a great service from a trusted team! Highly recommended!

Smiling man in striped shirt, arms crossed.

Ken Arai

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Great training information giving with a fresh entertaining delivery.

Man smiling in garden, casual blue shirt.

Matt Wise

QA Supervisor at Clark Pest Control
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Continuous learning is critical for every industry. This does that in an online platform. Not sure if the plan is to keep it free but I will be staying tuned in. As a really small business it’s nice to get some training ensuring I’m up to date on trends and topics relevant in the industry. Keep it up.

Bald businessman in sunglasses outdoors.

Robert Brant

Hawk Mosquito & Pest Control
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This is exactly what I need as a new operator and business owner. Can’t thank you guys enough and look forward to each course. Keep up the good work looking forward to the next episode thank you again.


Man in white coverall smiling outdoors.

Carl Johnson

Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control
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I have found there is more information and more value in what The Pest Posse is offering than compared to the companies that provided training for me. Keep up the great work!

Bald man with white beard in urban setting.

Danny Burt

DB Pest Control